Who is God?

Who Is God?

March 24, 2017 0

Somebody once asked me who God was. Not that this person didn’t know who God was from his religious and biblical studies: he wanted me to […]


Fear Not! (3)

March 17, 2017 0

Read: Fear Not! (2) Fear Of The Future When God called Abraham, He told him to leave his country, people and follow Him. God did not […]


Fear Not! (2)

March 11, 2017 0

Read: Fear Not! (1) We saw in the part one of this message that David became a successful and victorious warrior because he conquered the spirit of […]


The First Day Of Life

March 10, 2017 0

The first day of life is full of anxieties for the young mother especially those giving birth for the first time (primps) or those who have […]


Fear Not!

March 4, 2017 0

“Even when I walk through the dark valley of death I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff […]

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